Tourism in Sangli

Sangli is popular as the Sugar Belt and the Turmeric City of India. Apart from being the largest Turmeric market in entire Asia, Sangli also boasts of housing more than thirty sugar factories. The city is also one of the biggest regions for growing grapes in the Maharashtra

The Sangli tourism offers a plethora of attractions in and around the city. The historical landmark of Sangli is the renowned Ganesha Temple which is flocked by innumerable pilgrims from all over the world. Besides having a myriad of temples, the city also brags of some allures that have architectural importance such as the Irwin Bridge constructed by the British and The Royal Palace or Rajwada.
Following are the brief descriptions of all the important attractions of Sangli:

Battis Shirala

Sangli Tourism

Battis Shirala happens to be a small village which is almost 65 kms away from the Sangli city. This village is positioned on a hill and is bounded by dense forests which own a variety of snake species from King Cobra to the unique Pythons. During the festival of Nag Panchami, a plethora of visitors congregate at this site. On this auspicious day the devotees of Nag Devta carry out processions of King Cobra. There are various competitions that are organized between different Nag-Mandals and the one which has the best Cobra wins the competition.

Ganpati Temple
Ganpati Temple

This beautiful and famous temple of Sangli is located on the river-bank of Krishna. It is said that the temple premises were the meeting place for the freedom fighters during the freedom struggle of India. Gandhi and Lokmanya Tilak had once held a secret meeting at this place. The temple was constructed by Appasaheb Patwardhan.  The temple construction was finished in the year 1952 and was unveiled by Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. The temple is made of basalt stone that were specially brought from Jyotiba Hills located close to Kolhapur. The large premise of the temple occupies an area of 2 acres. Recently, an enormous gate has been built which is made of red color sandstone. The magnificence of the gate represents the skill of the great artisans and architects. The gate comprises 3 arches, the side arches are smaller than the central arch. The gate leads to a big courtyard where one can witness 2 fountains which have the shape of lotus. The Mandap(hall) stands on 8 embellished pillars which support the galleries on the two sides. The Mandap’s ceiling is decorated with pretty designs and from its center a big chandelier is suspended. The walls are decorated with religious hymns from the Gita. A sandalwood chariot with Krishna and Arjun can also be seen.

The Ganesha idol is made of white marble and can be seen along with the idols of Riddhi & Siddhi. The Garbhagriha is topped by a Shikhar which comprises many carvings and designs. The corners consist of smaller Shikhars. This temple is an excellent example of polished and carved stone works.     
Apart from the main Ganpati Temple 4 smaller temples can also be seen which are the Lakshmi-Narayan, Suryanarayan, Chintamanesvari and Chintamanesvar. All these 4 small temples together with the main Ganpati Temple form the “Ganpati Panchayatan”.

Shreekshetra Audumbar
This pious place is located approximately 25 kms away from Sangli. Here one can witness a holy shrine of Lord Dattatraya which lies on the river bank of Krishna. The followers of Dattatraya flock this temple every year from across the country.

Chandoli Dam

Tourist Places in Sangli

This is a very popular dam which is located in the District of Sangli. The dam has been built on Warna River. The Chandoli Sanctuary is located adjacent to the Chandoli Dam.

Chandoli Sanctuary
This renowned sanctuary of Sangli Dist. is situated on the backwaters of the Chandoli Dam which is located close to it. The sanctuary is stretched over an area of approx. 309 square kms. The entire Chandoli region is bounded by dense forests and mountains. This picturesque spot abounds with deer, tigers, snakes, monkeys, wild goats, peacocks and rabbits. One can also take pleasure in the rare species of plants and trees.        

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Tourism in Sangli

This beautiful sanctuary is about 30 kilometers away from Sangli. The sanctuary abounds with dry deciduous and thorn forests. The area comprises a wide variety of plants which include Neem, Agave, Tamarind, Khair, Nilgiri and Acacia. Inside the sanctuary one can witness a plethora of animals such as peacocks, Blackbucks, Sambar Deer, Chital, wild boars, fox, hyena, porcupines, snakes (including pythons), birds and a variety of insects. This place is one of the most sought-after attractions of Sangli and the best time to visit the place is between the months of August and February. The sanctuary also features a hill and the tourists love to hike to the peak of this hill to have a glimpse of the Krishna River which gushes through the grapevine and sugarcane fields. The region also abounds with many temples dedicated to Lord Shiva. The sanctuary’s name is also derived from a very old Shiva Temple. This big temple houses fifty one small temples which belong to Satvahana Period. 

Dandoba Hill Station
This gorgeous hill station lies on the Miraj-Pandharpur Rd on Dandoba Hills and is approximately 25 minutes away from Sangli by road. The area around the hills is basically a reserve forest known as the Dandoba Reserve Forest. This sanctuary sprawls over an area of 3 acres land with Lord Shiva Temple as its main highlight.


This small village is situated at the meeting point of Ganga and Krishna Rivers. Nasobawadi attracts a myriad of visitors due to its archeological importance. The place is just 21 kms away from Sangli via road transport. 

Bagetala Ganpati
This Gaensha temple is situated on the Sangli Haripur road. This lovely place was once considered to be very pious according to the Patwardhans. A large number of devotees from Sangli and its neighboring areas flock this temple on the occasion of Ganesha’s Birthday.

From the Bagtela Ganpati this site is just 1 kms away and is mainly famous for the Sangameshwar Temple. The main deity of this temple is Markandeya. Thousands of devotees congregate at this place in the Shravan month to offer their prayers to the deity. This town is known as Haripur which is named after Hari Patwardhan who built houses for Brahmins here.  

Krishna Valley Wine Park

The Wine Park is situated at Palus which is about 30 kms away from the Sangli city and has been established by the Maharshtra Govt. to promote wine manufacturing. The park occupies an area of 142 acres land and is famous for producing one of the top-quality grapes in the entire world.  This place also houses a renowned Wine Institute (with international standard) which is famous for the Research work on wine manufacturing. This is at this site where the classic wines are produced and has become quite successful.  

Sangli Fort

Sangli Fort

This fort is located at the heart of Sangli. The fort houses a Revenue Office, a school, a museum and Collector’s Office. The Royal palace (Rajwada) is also situated inside the Sangli Fort. The museum lies at the rear of Rajwada. The Sangli Court stands just in front of the Sangli Fort. 

Bhuvneshwari Temple
This temple is located opposite to the Shreekshetra Audumbar on the river bank of Krishna. As per a legend once there was a Brahmin boy named Narsimha. He was very weak at studies and could not memorize or recite any of the lessons that were taught to him. He was scolded by his teachers as well as elders. Thus, due to the repeated episodes of insult, he decided to leave his home and come to the river bank of Krishna at Audumbar. Here he offered his prayers to Goddess Bhuvneshwari for 3 days and 3 nights. In these 3 days he went on praying without having any food at all. However, when he saw that Bhuvneshwari Maata was not pleased by him, he finally gifted his tongue at the Goddess’s feet. The Goddess felt pity on the boy and suggested him to offer his prayers to Narsimha Swamy. The boy took her command and fall at the feet of Swamy Ji. With the blessings of Swamy Ji he turned into a renowned scholar.

Bhavani Devi Temple
This temple is situated on the road of Vita-Karsundi close to Balwadi. Here an annual fair is held in the Shravan month on the last Tuesday. The prime attraction of this annual fair is the “Wrestling Competition”.

Hotels in Sangli

Below is a list of the top hotels in Sangli that are equipped with the latest amenities:

Hotel Sai Deluxe
Address: Kolhapur Rd, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Phone: 9823380950 and +(91)-233-2531325

Pritam Lodge
Address: 1157, Yashodhan Chambers, Gaon Bhag, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Phone: 9372141230, +(91)-233-2332766 and 2331628

Hotel United 21
Address: Nr mali Theater, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Landmark: Gulmohar Clny
Phone: 8698246881

Hotel Indrayani
Address: Pandharpur Rd, Miraj, Sangli, Pin – 416410
Phone: 9623245679, 9422616352 and +(91)-233-2223570

Lodge Kamal Gheware Embassy
Address: Gheware Embassy, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Opposite S T Stand
Phone: 9372741849 and +(91)-233-2331849

Adarsh Lodging and Boarding
Address: SAI Plaza Shopping Center, Harbhat Rd, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Nr Bhave Natya Mandir
Phone: 9423871818 and +(91)-233-2332335

Modern Lodge
Address: 1058, St stand Rd, Gaon Bhag, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Phone: 7058322345 and +(91)-233-2332893

Ranveer Executive
Address: 3487, Sangli, Pin- 416416, Nr Hotel Sai Sargam
Phone: 8458853643

Hotel Krishna International
Address: Serial No.- 551/2A/550/3A/2, Zulelal Chouk, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Phone: 8805745300, 8308845301 and +(91)-233-2530233

Relax Inn Lodge
Address: Gheware Icon, S.T. Stand Rd, Sangli, Pin– 416416
Landmark: Nr S T Stand
Phone: 9422042205 and +(91)-233-2333426

Hotel Geat Maratha
Address: Sangli Miraj Rd, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Nr Bus Stand
Phone: 9595574666, +(91)-233-2326664/2326665 and 2326668

Hotel Season 4 Executive
Address: Sangli Miraj Rd, Vishrambag, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Landmark: Nr Reliance Petrol Pump
Phone: 9822311440, +(91)-233-2671517 and 2671791

Travel Agents in Sangli

Soubiya Tours and Travels
Address: Sr no 1860/B Shop Number 5 Vijayalanagar, Main Rd Jaysinghpur, Sangli, Pin - 416416 Landmark: Near Bus Stand
Phone: 9922397397, 9890690555 and +(91)233-2245555

Pearl Tours and Travels
Address: Shop Number 6, Pearl Enclave, MSEB Rd, Vishrambag, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Phone: 9823799649, 7303455505 and +(91)-233-2305955

Paarth Holidays
Address: 314, Chidvilas Aprtmnt, Sangli, Pin– 416416
Landmark: Near Parekh Medical
Phone: 8605070033, 8605070300 and +(91)-233-6602155

Gajanan World Tourism
Address: Sangli Miraj Rd, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Landmark: Pushparaj chowk
Phone: 9028720395 and +(91)-233-2623535

Shri Kalika Tours and Travels
Address: C S Number 648 Basement Ashtagandh Apartment, Gavali Galli, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Landmark: Nr Ganpati Mandir
Phone: 9175822513, +(91)-233-2374152 and 8698239871

Travel India
Address: Satya Aprtmnt, Vishrambag, Sangli, Pin- 416415
Phone: 9096974447, 9860980628 and +(91)-233-2303396

Hemraj Travels

Address: Ayodhya Annex, Miraj Rd, Vishrambag, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Nr Pai Prakash Hotel
Phone: 9764404000, +(91)-233-2300126 and 2304094

Om Travels

Address: Opp Tata Petrol Pump, Near Jalbhavan Offc, Sangli, Pin- 416416
Phone: 9890426292

MB Link Tourist

Address: Shop Number- 3 Vasant Pushpa Aprtmnt, St stand rd, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Opp Bapat Bal Sikshan Mandir
Phone: 9370809797 and +(91)-233-2325983

Amit Travel Agency
Address: Indria Residency, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Opposite S T Stand
Phone: +(91)-233-2339712 and 2339710

Pankaj Travels
Address: Plot Number- 1052 Sumitra bnglo, Madhavnagar Rd, Sangli, Pin – 416416
Landmark: Nr Shivaji Stadium, North Shivaji Nagar
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